This collection is inspired by objects from the past and present and the memories and emotions these evoke. Falling in Love, loss, heartache, happiness and hope for the future. Made from old and recycled metals, upcycled components, and combining new metal. The aim being to transform these objects – which hold a hidden unknown past of their own, into something new. In the same way our lives evolve and change as time passes.

Caroline is fascinated by associated sentimental values given to seemingly inconsequential articles, the thoughts and feelings these arouse are entirely personal and perceptive to the individual and their experiences, their own secret, hidden, past lives. She enjoys the thought that the objects in this collection could hold importance for someone.

This collection draws its title from the traditional marital saying “Something old… Something new” Caroline’s aim is to bring new life to the original saying. Items in the adage represent good-luck tokens for the bride with the implication that should she carry them, her marriage will be blessed with good fortune and happiness.

The emotional and sentimental values we attach to precious items given as gifts and on special occasions or to symbolize feelings and commitments between people is an area of particular interest.

“Something old” symbolizes continuity with the past. “Something new” optimism and hope for future. This range of work embraces these ideas and is always evolving, always different!